Preparing Camp Marcella for the summer.


On May 5th and 6th a group of club members went to Camp Marcella, a facility owned by the NJ Camp for Blind Children, to help with the spring cleanup to ensure the property is ready for its campers this summer. For those who may not be aware, the camp is located at 27 Durham Road in Rockaway, NJ and is open to anyone ages 6-19 who is visually impaired. Camp Marcella comprises over 200 acres of woodland surroundings and a clear fish laden lake, with all of its facilities designed for the best possible care of children and teens with blindness, visual impairments and special needs. It is a wonderful place and we are so proud to be able to assist them.

While at Camp Marcella, the Chester Lions Club had the opportunity to help prepare the Camp Director’s lodge for the upcoming camping season. Seven of our members worked together straightening up and cleaning out the three room cabin, washing windows, painting trim, tidying up the grounds around the cabin, and more in order to prepare the space for the director’s arrival. The camp has several buildings, and it was so wonderful to work on site with so many other Lions and Leo Clubs from around the state.