May is Eyeglass Recycling Month!


One of the most important aspects of eyesight conservation is collecting used eyeglasses to help those in need.  The Chester Lions Club support all eyesight projects.  It is estimated that the eyesight of one-fourth of the worlds population can be improved by the use of corrective lenses.  In 2013, Governor Chris Christie designated the month of May as EYEGLASS RECYCLING MONTH.  The Governor indicated that the “New Jersey Lions Clubs have earned the respect and admiration of all who know of their efforts and have set the standard for community service that other organizations might emulate.”

Please recycle your eyeglasses and hearing aids.  Your donation will make someone’s life that much better.

Drop off locations:
Long Valley Library                 East Springtown Rd. Long Valley, NJ
Long Valley Eye Care             623 East Mill Street, Long Valley, NJ
Visual Eyes                             Route 57, Mansfield, NJ
Visual Eyes                             Byrum Plaza, Byrum, NJ
Wal Mart Eye Care                 Route 57 West, Mansfield (Hackettstown), NJ
EyeDox                                   Route 57 West, Mansfield, NJ
Pearle Vision                          Route 57 West, Mansfield, NJ
Chester Library                       25 West Main Street, Chester, NJ
Peapack Gladstone Bank       Main Street, Chester, NJ
Chester Post Office                Main Street, Chester, NJ
Chester Meat Market              Rite Aid Shopping Ctr, Chester, NJ
Niki Silverstein Eyes               408 Main Street, Chester, NJ
Optical Concepts                    Shoprite Shopping Plaza, Chester, NJ
American Legion                    Gold/Purple dropoff box on Route 24, Chester, NJ