How to ALWAYS get Facebook Posts from the Chester Lions

How to ALSWAYS get Facebook Posts from


Facebook is at it again! If you feel like you’re just not seeing our posts like you used to, you’re probably right!

Try these two simple steps to make sure you don’t miss any of our announcements and posts.

Step One:
Go to the Chester Lions Facebook page by searching Facebook or clicking on this link:

Once you are there, be sure that you have “Liked” our page. If you “Like” it, the grey thumbs-up next to the word “LIKE” will turn light blue.

Step Two:

Hover your mouse over that “Like” button and a drop down menu will appear. Click where it says “Get Notifications.” A check mark will appear. Do the same for “Following.”
Once “Get Notifications” and “Following” are checked, you will see all of the updates made to the page right in your own Newsfeed. It’s that easy!