Chester Lions donate $25,000 to Sandy Relief

Superstorm Sandy had a devastating effect on the Jersey Shore, as most already know. As a charitable organization, it was imperative that the Chester Lions find the most effective way to help those who are in need. Members of the club volunteered their time to research these areas. That’s when they came across Bill Bechtoldt and the Jersey Shore Workcamp.

Located in the devastated area of Union Beach – Keansburg, and already racked with economic malaise, Bill Bechtoldt of the Jersey Shore Workcamp has taken up the challenge of helping his fellow neighbors.

The Jersey Shore Workcamp has helped area residence long before Hurricane Sandy by offering home renovation and general counseling to needy families under the umbrella of “The Home Repair Mission Project”. Mr. Bechtoldt, also a member of the Union Beach Lions, has developed a network of unskilled as well as skilled craftsman who are on call to remediate homes that are deteriorated or damaged. Volunteers from as far away as Texas come out to assist with the projects. Since Sandy he has been deluged with requests for help from a community that has suffered untold distress. He and his crew have fixed up dozens of homes for people who are hard pressed to dig themselves out of a devastating loss. This summer the Jersey Shore Workcamp is expecting 900 volunteers over 2 weeks to fix up approximately 150 homes in need.

The Chester Lions Club has contributed $25,000 towards this non profit that is carrying out a much needed relief effort for victims who had little before the storm and less after.
Those interested in contacting Mr. Bechtoldt can reach him at Jersey Shore Workcamp, a 501(c)3 non-profit, 908 692 2039. 1870 Highway 35, Middletown, NJ 07748. 732 671 1036.

Those interested in Lionism may contact Phil Savell at 908 879 6543 or visit our website at

Photo Caption: Bill and Gail Bechtoldt of Jersey Shore Workcamp receive a check