20 Local Students Awarded Scholarships

The Chester Lions Club received over 80 applications for its annual scholarship initiative.  High school seniors residing in Chester, Mendham and Washington Township, Morris County, applied for 20 scholarships offer by the Club each worth $1000.00.

This year the awards will be presented to 12 students from West Morris Mendham High School and 8 students from West Morris Central High School.

Student scholars from West Morris Central include:

  • Maggie Mule of Long Valley
  • Rebecca Raymond of Long Valley
  • Patrick Goodhand of Long Valley
  • Caroline Boyland of Long Valley
  • Austin Farnsworth of Long Valley
  • Danielle Lebo of Long Valley
  • Steven Caracciolo of Long Valley
  • Jake Mule of Long Valley

Student scholars from West Morris Mendham include:

  • Marissa Ilnitzki of Chester
  • Alexandra Piacenti of Chester
  • Courtney McCullough of Chester
  • Tristan Cembrinski of Chester
  • Veronika Fojtu of Chester
  • Mackenzie Kurnath of Chester
  • Gabriella Quinn of Chester
  • Samantha Cipolleti of Brookside
  • Schuyler Green of Mendham
  • Alice Cheng of Mendham
  • Connor Lam of Chester
  • Ashley Flanagan of Mendham

The Chester Lions Club has provided scholarships for our most accomplished students for over 40 years.  With the support of the community the club will continue to follow its motto “We Serve”.

Congratulations to our scholars, and all of the members of the class of 2013. We wish you the best of luck as you move into the next phase of life!